First blog post

Welcome to my own personal little spot of Trish Drinkle, unedited.  Who am I?  A bit of a conundrum really.  Is she a redneck?  Is she a Kootenay Hippie with her magic potions and such?  Is she a conservationist, she works for WildSafeBC don’t you know…. How could she possibly be a Sledder?

It’s true I do wear many hats.  I’m a slightly reclusive redneck/hippie ish mother of four married to one heck of a Snow Stud.  I am a writer, I work for the BC conservation foundation, I am a musician classicaly trained violinist who prefers bluegrass hoe down type of music, I’m a mom, a wife and I’m not perfect.  I throw f bombs and have a very warped sense of humor, I have a long fuse but when it blows Chernobyl is the best way to explain it.

I also have a very strong faith.  Faith in God.  Faith in the good in people, and faith in the good of life. That faith bites me in the ass sometimes, but overall I think it’s worth it.  It’s worth it to believe in the good in people and life.

All in fun I’m sometimes mocked for my rose colored glasses kind of existence.  Yes, it’s not an act for facebook this is how I truly am.  I have been through seriously tough crap over the past 5 years that have nearly cratered my Mary Sunshine-ness.  I simply believe if you focus on the good in life you shall attract even more goodness.  Am I naive?  Maybe, but it makes me have hope to believe in the good flat-out.

So welcome to my first post and the beginning of Trish unedited.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I love you Trish and all your amazing quirkiness but most of all I love your openness to life and to people🙌😘. Yes folks she does it all and amazingly well😉. Congratulations!!!!!


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