Hand holding and horsepower and a pup named Pedro

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the max.  Working in wildlife conservation, is a catch 22 sometimes.  While extremely rewarding, there are situations that leave me feeling depleted and exhausted.  Two sows with cubs getting into garbage, potentially sealing their fate left me frustrated and upset.  Why can’t humans behave more responsibly? My husband sensed I was off, for I was even crankier than my normal pre coffee demeanor.

“Get off your computer and let’s go have fun”.. no matter how many “Ya buts” I interjected he didn’t take no for an answer.  We headed off into the back country with our  Polaris Ranger XP 1000 I’ve lovingly named Spartacus.  Oh he’s a sexy beast with so much power and oomph.  Spartacus is a beast… a comfortable beast.

Cycle Works West Polaris Ranger 1000XP “Spartacus”

Within moments on the trail I started feeling relaxed.  A deep breath of spray from the first waterfall washed away thoughts of paperwork, events and obligations.  I felt my husband’s hand on mine.  (A bonus when you have power steering.. you can hold hands! ) Completely present in that moment I felt alive and incredibly blessed to be on this adventure.  White tailed deer darted in the meadows above us.  Signs of bear and moose along the trail had me scrambling for my camera.  Kev has come to accept my fascination with animal poop and dead things, so he doesn’t question my photography subjects anymore.   He’s even starting to get into it.. “HONEY!!!  Look here’s some Grizzly poop!”

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We stopped at the Little Moyie Bog.  High water conditions filled the marsh, creating a peaceful pond alive with turtles, tadpoles, signs of moose and bear.  It didn’t take long for Pedro to leap into the pond in sheer joy.   That little brown boy of ours has life all figured out.  The happiest creature alive I’m sure, he loves every minute of life.  Life goal for sure would be to live like Pedro the chocolate lab

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There was excitement on every trail we explored.  We found new places to hunt, camp and snowmobile.  It was game on when we hit snow on the trail.  Performance mode on the Ranger 1000XP combined with snow results in extreme laughter and enjoyment.

I brought home some beautiful shale rock slabs for a patio I’m creating, some awesome pictures, and a feeling of peace.  Sometimes a Polaris Ranger 1000XP adventure is truly the best medicine that will leave you as happy as a chocolate lab pup named Pedro