Strigo Review

When enjoying backcountry adventures, communication is essential.  Communication with the outside world especially.  Should something happen be it mechanical failure, injury or disorientation, it is a frightening thought to not have access to help.  Where I live in Creston BC most of the areas I enjoy snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and atving are without cellular service. 

Incorporating the Strigo device into my adventures has been more than a blessing.  More than once in the past few months being able to connect with the outside world was essential.  My hunting partner Allison and I were able to help a fellow hunter because we had access to our messages.  We had set up for lunch, and fired up the Strigo, and saw his call for help.  The situation turned out perfectly and hunter and his hounds were safe. 

Allison and I hunt and fish solo from time to time.  In addition to our pre-trip plan we make sure to take the Strigo with us.  Our backcountry is rugged and sometimes unforgiving, so the Strigo is an essential safety tool for us.

Being a single woman in today’s economy means I must work incredibly hard to make ends meet.  I am a digital marketer and freelance writer.  Having the ability to work where I am inspired most, the backcountry is made possible by my Strigo.  I’m able to design, post graphics, videos and access my emails from clients even if I’m on the banks of the Kootenay River, on the shores of Kootenay Lake or deep in the bush in a remote cabin.  Many ask in the morning “where will Trish be working today?” and my answer is always “anywhere I want!”

The Strigo is incredibly user friendly.  Obtaining a signal is a breeze and setting up my laptop and phone is effortless.  In hunting camp the Strigo truly shines for more than one of us can utilize the signal helping everyone keep in touch with loved ones or check on business matters. 

I would recommend the Strigo to anyone who wants to spend the majority of their time in the backcountry, even if they have business obligations that require internet service.  I would also recommend the Strigo to guide and outfitters for not only will they have the ability to send more than a simple text, their clients will have the ability to connect to the outside world as well. 

To find out more about the Strigo please visit

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