The differences between a Conservationist and an Eco-Activist

Wildlife management is never an easy task, especially if you include human emotion into the mix.  Not all humans who profess a deep love of nature are supportive of effective Science-Based Conservation and wildlife management.

Membership Matters. Support those who support Science Based Conservation

It comes as no surprise that we find ourselves in yet another rip-roaring battle between Environmental Activist organizations and, well, the rest of the population who doesn’t agree with them.   It doesn’t matter if you are someone with a job in the forestry, mining or oilfield industry.  It doesn’t matter if you are a hunter, heliskier, snowshoer, or snowmobiler.  You are wrong, “because they said so”.  With very little science backing their propaganda, Eco-Activists now have exactly the Crisis they need to get back in the spotlight again.  The Mountain Caribou Populations in British Columbia are now a convenient vehicle for land grabs and closures.

In the name of “conservation,” eco-activists rally together, but are they really conservationists when facts are disregarded, then replaced by personal opinions and agendas?  When they are bought and paid for from Foreign funding with the sole purpose of Crippling the Canadian Economy and land locking oil, do they really deserve a voice at the table as a stakeholder? When they prevent effective conservation initiatives including predator management, why do they even deserve to be associated with conservation?

Let’s make this clear. You can be a Hunter, Vegan, Snowmobiler, Logger or Yoga Teacher and be a powerful conservationist. This isn’t about diet, hobbies, or occupation. Many of us overlap in ideologies and that is perfect for the diverse issues conservation initiatives face.

The difference between Eco-Activists and Conservationists in My Opinion are as follows.

  1. Conservationists care about long-term science-based solutions and compromise while the Eco-activists focus on “winning” stopping and blocking.
  2. Conservationists try to understand all aspects of the process even when they may not personally agree.  Science is Science. Eco-Activists will disregard any process that doesn’t align with their personal opinion, even when science proves they are incorrect. They have a heck of a lot of funding to purchase biologist opinions with.
  3. Conservationists understand that all aspects of conservation may not be pretty or self fulfilling but continue to work towards a viable solution.  With Eco-Activism, there is no compromise or consideration for anything other than their personal agenda. WE are right YOU are wrong.
  4. Conservationists seek clarity and relationships with those who may have differing views, in hope of a deeper understanding and productive initiatives.  Eco-Activists demand cookie cutter belief systems that align with their agenda without waiver. If you disagree with their views you are wrong.
  5. Conservationists seek cooperation and unity, while Eco-Activists revel in a divide and conquer type of manipulation within the conservation process. 
  6. Conservationists thrive when given the time and opportunity to develop a plan of action that works for the long term.  Fair public Consultation and the ability to be a part of the process is what they ask. Eco-Activists are crises based and driven.  They revel in the attention gained when environmental issues are in their most dire position and enjoy backroom meetings and deal making to achieve their goals.
  7. Conservationists believe that hunting is a vital aspect of conservation.  They understand that balancing carrying capacities of wildlife creates healthier wildlife populations. This includes predator management. Eco-Activists, are against hunting, in fact will spend hours trolling hunting sites, to damn those evil doers.  Death threats against hunters who do not “value life” are common.  Ironic isn’t it?
  8. Conservationists abide by the law, even when they may not personally agree with it, while Eco-Activists have no problem breaking the law if it doesn’t align with their personal agenda. They are, in their own minds, morally and intellectually superior. Therefore above the law. 
  9. Conservationists do not pic favorites when it comes to wildlife management efforts, while Eco-Activists have no problem throwing one species under the bus for another if it feels good. Single Species management is common, for it instigates deeper feelings from the general public. It’s easier to brainwash people when you tug at the heartstrings. Quite often the consequences of single species management are brushed under the rug.  On that note, did you know that Grizzly Bears and Wolves eat Caribou calves?  Shocker I’m sure.
  10. Conservationists really do not care what uneducated celebrities have to say about wildlife management issues.  They’re movie stars and singers not wildlife biologists or botanists for heaven’s sake.  Eco-Activists somehow figure the wrecking balls, DiCaprio’s and the Fondas of the world are elevated in understanding because they are superstar celebrities.  I don’t get it.  Is Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball the cause of hyper sexualization in today’s youth or is she the voice of the all knowing when it comes to managing wildlife in British Columbia?  Way to use wolves for Personal Gain Miley. (this truly sucks for me because I kind of like her voice)

In closing, I do hope our Federal Government puts themselves in check and decides to leave our beautiful British Columbia alone. Their involvement in our Caribou recovery is absurd at best. Why didn’t they step in and implement SARA with Quebec’s Val-d’Or caribou herd? Caribou recovery too expensive and a lost cause but the following year completely throw the Province of BC into a state of chaos and impending poverty in the name of Caribou Conservation doing the exact opposite?

It’s time for us to unite and work together. We can find a balance and a compromise not only with Caribou Conservation, but in all aspects of Conservation and Land Use. We the People of BC can do this without Federal Government interference. WE live here, and WE are those most impacted.

Some shout outs I’d like to make are as follows:

Kathleen Connoly from Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery. Thank you and team CCCR for all of your efforts and standing up for Rural BC and our way of life. #stoptheclosure

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Thank you to the many Hunters and the British Columbia Wildlife Federation for stepping up and saying enough is enough. We are proud to be hunters and proud to stand up for Science Based Conservation. Thank you Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club for bringing the topic of Predator Management to the forefront. It may not be pretty, but Predator Management is a vital part of Science Based Conservation.

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Thank you to the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation for tirelessly working to keep public lands public and not allowing us to be the low hanging fruit any longer.

Image result for British Columbia Snowmobile Federation logo

A HUGE Thank you to the BC Liberal Caucus especially MLAs like Tom Shypitka, Donna Barnett, Ellis Ross, Mike Bernier, Shirley Bond, John Rustad, Todd Stone, Doug Clovechok, Mike Morris and others for making yourselves available, and fighting for Rural BC.

Image result for BC Liberal Party

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