Horsepower, hand holding and a chocolate lab named Pedro

Working in wildlife conservation is a balancing act most days.  Preventing and addressing human wildlife conflict can be frustrating at times.  I was in the middle of dealing with two black bear sows with cubs that were getting into garbage, which could potentially seal their fate in life.  I was upset at the humans who simply refused to secure their garbage and other wildlife attractants.  Paperwork piled up, messages were coming in from a variety of residents in my territory regarding bears and cougars.  I was overwhelmed, but refused to stop working.  My husband knew it was time to step in.  “honey, get off your computer.  We’re going for a ride.”  Despite my “ya buts” I agreed.

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Working with Cycle Works West and Polaris Industries, our family has the privledge of enjoying a 2017 Polaris Ranger 1000XP for the season.  Oh it’s a sexy beast I’ve fondly named Spartacus.  Sexy, strong and oh so powerful, Spartacus is easy to love.

I swear Spartacus runs on love, for fuel consumption is ridiculously efficient.  More adventures for less bucks is a win in our eyes.  We have room!  Room for Pedro, for a cooler.. for all of the treasures I haul home after our back country adventures.  Side by Side life is awesome.

It was only moments into our ride that I felt my shoulders relax.  The gentle cool spray from the first waterfall we encountered washed away any stress and thoughts of work. Out of cell phone range there shall be no work today.

Kev reached over to hold my hand.  (power steering means more hand holding!) What a wonderful date we were on.

White tailed deer danced in the meadows above, and many signs of wildlife saw me scrambling for my camera.  My husband Kev has come to accept my little idiosyncracies including my fascination with animal poop.  Grizzly bear, Black Bear, Moose and Elk provided ample photography subjects.

Our first stop was a marsh along the Little Moyie valley.  Filled with spring run off, the bog transformed into a beautiful pond bursting with life.  Turtles, tadpoles, frogs, and mayflies were enjoying this wetland transformation.

It didn’t take Pedro long to leap into the water.  Pedro is, in my mind, the happiest creature on earth.  Oh how I wish I could see life through Pedro the chocolate labs eyes.  The more we watched him, the more “in the moment” we were.  Not a care in the world, I felt refreshed and alive.

The adventures were endless. We found new places to snowmobile, hunt and camp.  True to my spirit I filled the Ranger’s box with all of the rock slabs I could for a garden project I was working on.  Each slab was unique and beautiful.  Spartacus had a hefty load on the way home, and he handled it like the Gladiator he is.

Sometimes  the greatest medicine is a little horsepower, hand holding, a little brown dog named Pedro and back country adventure.

Cycle Works West 2017 Polaris Ranger 1000XP “Spartacus”

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