A tribute to Sled-Mommas. Happy Mothers day!

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It isn’t easy being a snowmobiling mother, but it is awesome!  Many underestimate the multitude of thoughts and decisions that run through a mother’s mind when she’s out shredding in the back country.  We are constant thinkers.

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First and foremost, no matter the terrain, or technical aspects of the ride, our children are always on our minds.  Every choice we make, route we take all comes down to riding to survive.  We can be outspoken, and rightfully so.  We not only speak up for ourselves, but for our family when safety decisions are made within our riding group.

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We’re tough, strong, and take very little crap from anyone out there.   If we see someone acting in an unsafe way, you bet your A-Arms we’ll say something about it.  We are used to feeling like the safety police, and take no offence when young bucks scoff at our wisdom.   We’re used to kids rolling their eyes,  and arguing with us.  You won’t win, so best listen to momma out there and ride to survive.

Passionate Sled-Momma’s are movers and shakers when it comes to Organized Snowmobiling and land use issues.  As strong as a Momma Grizzly Bear, they’ll fight for the right to enjoy motorized recreation, and are often the ones spearheading safety training, and social events.  If you have a mom on your board of directors, give thanks.  The ability to multi task amidst chaos is nothing new to these ladies.

We mother everyone in our group.  I commonly run sweep in our crew.  It gives me a sense of peace knowing that everyone is in front of me, and should they need help I’ll be there for them.  I feel like a border collie on group rides, with a strong desire to keep he entire group together and arrive safe and sound at the end of the day.  Most snowmobiling mothers are like that I’ve found.  We need to know everyone is ok.

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You can count on us to feed you, and provide first aid for we pack enough safety equipment and food to care for many more riders than ourselves.  Random useful things like Arnica cream, and hand warmers are always available. Epic and creative Muff Pot meals are always  shared.  This is how we roll.

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Speaking of rolls, when we do have an unfortunate roll over, crash, or scorpion, we will probably minimize the actual physical pain we’re experiencing so as not to worry the group. “Just a flesh wound!”  We giver all we have, get many bruises along the way.  It’s all good.  We wear those bruises with pride.  For heaven’s sake, we’ve endured hours of pain while giving birth, a simple unplanned scorpion can’t slow us down.

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I am incredibly thankful to be a SledMomma.  I am thankful for the adventures we’ve had and those to come.  Happy Mothers day to all of the SledMommas out there, who bring so much to the sport of snowmobiling.

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