Brand Bashing and Boobies

As I was cruising through facebook today I was a little shocked at the recent contest give away posted by a new up and coming snowmobile gear company.  Normally I would have been all high fives and props to the company for getting out there and engaging directly with his demographic, but this was different.

The contest give away was based on the best brand bashing meme posted, and he started the ball rolling with his own meme.  This was a direct bash towards Polaris Snowmobiles.  I’m sure he thought all in good fun as he said,  but in that moment I associated his company with this brand bash and was instantly repelled.. ok disgusted.  He turned me away from wanting to support him in any way shape or form.

I am a potential consumer, so if you feel it necessary to bash my brand, I will not support your brand.  I am a writer, and often cover and review new up and comers in the market place but I’m sorry sir, you will be the last company I have interest in covering.  Some may say I am perhaps a bit over sensitive, for a little bit of brand bashing is kind of how us sledders roll.  We all tease, and joke don’t we?

I suppose that is true, but at the end of the day, a true snowmobiler really doesn’t care about the brand you ride, simply that you’re grinning while doing so.  Dirt bikers have it pretty much figured out.  Very little brand bashing happens between yellow orange red green and blue.  Snowmobilers on the other hand can get a bit out of control on social media in my opinion.  A genuine technical question can be posted and immediately some feel the need to jump in, brand bash and tell them what they should have purchased instead.  It can be merciless at times, and in my opinion quite embarrassing.

It comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable on.  All manufacturers have it going on now in my opinion, and all have had bugs to work out.  No sled has consistently been the holy grail of shred mobiles.  I love Polaris, and ride it well.  My axys even better than the pro chassis, but that is me.  My preference.  My shred crew is doo, cat, polaris, and even snow bikes.  The thing we all have in common is a thirst for freshies, and laughter.

What does this have to do with boobies you may ask.  I figure his post was a prime example of attention seeking behavior.  Like the girls who want to “be someone” in the snowmobile world and cut off their foreheads in pictures to flash tatas.  They may be lovely, but in the end it is an attention seeking sell out much like that attempt instigating brand bashing.  Congratulations, you have captured the attention of many individuals, and guaranteed, some of them are thinking along the same lines as I.   I didn’t stick around to view the rest of the thread, because I choose to ignore crap on the internet rather than engage in it.  (I did screen shot it though for future reference)

Haters will be hating, and I’m sure once again I’ll see the same kind of “oh your just jealous”   No, not even remotely close.  I am just wanting people to focus more on what matters in our sport, for that is what will define us in the long term.  Getting down right nasty to new riders based upon their brand choice will most certainly not inspire a warm Kumbaya feeling for our people, and boobs, well sooner or later they will begin to sag and lose their market appeal.

If you want to make a lasting impression in the snowmobile world, make a difference.  Help the sport by reaching out to new riders, supporting clubs and being a shining example of safety and stewardship.  It is what our sport needs.  You may not receive as many “likes” on facebook and instagram but you will be helping to secure our sport for the long term.  Land issues are a HUGE concern across North America, so really who cares what brand you are loyal to if you are unable to ride your snowmobile due to motorized recreation closures.  And how about those Caribou?…….. facepalm

If you are a business in the snowmobile industry please support those who support the sport, and invest your energy and dollars there.  You have a stake in this equation.  It will boost your credibility and will help protect our sport thus increasing your customer base.  Dividing us will do nothing but feed the gutterball crap that poisons us against each other.  Many companies and manufacturers are doing it right, contributing to avalanche training, and the support of organized snowmobiling, welcoming new riders into the sport.

Thank you to the companies out there who are keeping it classy!  You are appreciated and needed.

Divas SnowGear‘s Stephanie Schwarts showing ladies how to rip in one of her back country clinics

Team Thunderstruck in support of Avalanche Canada is a shining example of those in the business supporting safety and organized snowmobiling.  The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and their yearly event with support from their sponsors has donated over $55,000.00 to promote avalanche awareness for snowmobilers.  This is what truly matters to us right?

Choko Design/Icerock western Canada Sales representative Craig Moore not only works in the industry, he supports it.  He is the British Columbia Snowmobile Club Region Six director, he truly cares.  Recently Craig and Icerock donated an AST 1 for a widow of an avalanche victim who passed away this past season.

These are only a few examples of the many I will profile in future blogs and articles.  Using your position to support the sport absolutely makes a difference.


Thank you!

Trish… aka Sledmomma





One thought on “Brand Bashing and Boobies

  1. Awesome article Trish! As a business owner in the snowmobile world this is exactly what I have been saying and trying to get across to people over the years.
    My focus is supporting the sport, insustry, young riders and families.


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