So you want some gratitude eh Kid? A letter to Sage

My youngest son Sage is quite the character.  14, and bullet proof I’ve watched his personality shift into something that is somewhat more cocky than I’m used to.  Gone is the little Mr Sunshine of his toddler years.  As a little baby he was kind of glued at the boob to me.  An avid nurser, most people didn’t see his head for the first two years of his life as he was always under my shirt.

If you ask, “oh won’t he be embarrassed by sharing to the world his boobie-holic behavior?”… yes.. perhaps…. which brings me to my next point.

Sage informed me this morning that I apparently don’t show him enough appreciation.  He works hard and would like me to be a bit more grateful.  Perhaps he’s right.  I’ve been working extremely long hours, sometimes not getting home till after dark.  The kids have really had to pick up the slack.  Perhaps I should be more expressive of my gratitude.

Perhaps the kid owes me some gratitude himself… Case and point as follows.

  1.  Thank you for giving birth to me mom.  I know my head was on the larger size percentile wise when I was born.  Thank you for taking it like a champ and giving birth to me and my cranium without any drugs for my safety.
  2. Thank you for moving to Creston because the air is clean, the people are kind and wholesome food is right in our back yard.  I know I was just a baby when you chose to do this, but thank you for moving here for our health and well being.
  3. Thank you for not eating chocolate, drinking wine or coffee or anything else that would upset my tummy while you were nursing me.  I really did scream when I had an upset tummy, so thank you for dealing with that in a loving and caring manner.
  4. Thank you mom, for tossing aside any chance of a social life for so many years so you could home school me.  It really was a wonderful way to be educated for the first few years of my life and I appreciate the foundation of character it built in my life.
  5. Thank you mom, for working from home while you homeschooled us.  I know we were loud, and intrusive sometimes when you were trying to massage a client but I really appreciate having you around and cooking awesome meals every day.
  6. Thank you Mom, for teaching me how to fish, ATV, and snowmobile.  I know many kids don’t get this opportunity and I really am thankful for growing up in the back country.  Thank you for letting me ride your brand new snowmobiles by myself.  That takes a heck of a lot of trust, and I am honored and thankful you trust me.
  7. Thank you mom, for supporting me in sports.  I know you are busy, you have 4 jobs, and can’t always make out of town games.  But I appreciate how proud and supportive you are.
  8. Thank you Mom for thinking of me when you go out shopping.  The fancy hair gel I like, the freezies, that cheddar popcorn I love so much.  Thank you.  I know these things are necessary, but I really do appreciate the thought you put into picking things out for me.
  9. Thank you mom for not completely losing your shizzle when you ask me to take the compost out, or unload the dishwasher and forget.  I know that you often have to complete the task you’ve asked of me, so thank you for that as well.
  10. Thank you mom, for taking the time to massage me with wonderful essential oils when I’m sore or not feeling well.  Those oils work so well, and I really do love massages whether it’s on your massage table, or we’re chillin on the couch.  I know essential oils are spendy, so thank you for knowing how important they are for our family.
  11. Thanks mom for being so easy going when my girlfriend and friends come over.  I know I tend to get a bit lippy around them, so thank you for putting up with my sass and not embarrassing me too bad in front of them.
  12. Mom, I know I haven’t said it in a long time, but thank you for being so loving and kind.  I didn’t receive many spankings, and trust me, many of my actions were spanking worthy.  You get me and understand that sometimes it takes love to get me out of the Rage-Sage mode.
  13. Hey, I should say this to you mom.  Thank you for working 4 jobs and still taking the time to tend your garden which gives us amazing healthy food.  Thank you for working 4 jobs and cooking great meals.  Thank you especially for borscht.  It takes a long time for you to make, and I eat a LOT of it so it doesn’t last very long.  I am very thankful for the way you cook.
  14. Thank you for the rides you give me.  I know sometimes it’s asking a lot, but I really do appreciate it.
  15. Thank you for not being upset when I blow you off or don’t want to hang with you.  You do understand that I’m older now and have my own life.  While I’m thankful for the invite I really enjoy being with my friends.
  16. Thank you for nursing me back to health after my ACL surgery.  You spent weeks without sleep and was always there for me if I needed ice, medicine or more cucumbers.  The massages and little wonderful extras like making special meals for me when I was recovering were very appreciated.

There is so much more I can add to this post, but I guess what I’m trying to say, sometimes in life, in the real world we aren’t validated for every single effort we make.  Sometimes we just have to get shit done and not complain about it.  Working together, especially when it comes to household tasks makes life easier for everyone.  Yes, the dishwasher is a normal duty of Sages, (unless he sleeps till noon) Yes, at any given time some people will put forth more of an effort than others.  Sometimes some people in the house don’t pull their weight when it comes to household tasks.  Sometimes it’s me who’s too exhausted from working 4 jobs to get enough energy to unload the freakin dishwasher.  But always know it is appreciated.  No one enjoys scrubbing floors, and toilets.  I can think of many more enjoyable things to do with my life than vacuum, dust and mow the lawn.  Laundry.. NO ONE enjoys laundry, especially the folding part..Putting it away.. what a PITA..  but really our only alternative is to go around naked, and you guys have already expressed I have to keep my nudey free spirit to a minimum.. So we may be at a stale mate.

I appreciate every effort you make Sage, Tatum and Leo.  Household duties sometimes suck.  but they have to be done.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful home, with such a huge yard and produce abundance.

The best part of my life, without a doubt is being your mom, and always will be.  You make me laugh, and are such a sweet, kind hearted young man.  I’m incredibly proud of your strength and stand up personality.  I’m so thankful that when your buddies were experimenting with alcohol you chose to not be a part of it.  You have no idea how proud I was in that moment.  You are a leader, not a follower and have charisma that could charm a flatulent snake.  (that would be very difficult to do).. so right now.  Thank you for the amazing wonderful young man I have the pleasure of calling my son.  Every day I am thankful for you.. never ever forget that… even when I ask you to scoop the shit out of the dog run…




your mom

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